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1930’s John Deere Hay Wagon Restoration

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We started with a retired Model 802 John Deere running gear from the 1930’s we found on a Craigslist ad in Western Wisconsin. The running gear originally had steel wheels that were replaced with 15″ steel rims & rubber tires on the original steel spoke hubs about 40 years ago. The main hay rack frame is built from cottonwood 4″x6″ beams. The cross joists are recovered from some heavily weathered red & white oak 2″ x 6″. The 5’x 8’8″ deck is Hickory (finished with Minwax® Helmsman® Spar Urethane Satin) that was purchased from a firewood broker who received several bundles of rough sawn Hickory lumber from an Amish sawmill that was rejected from furniture making because of having stains. We hope to utilize this restored hay wagon as a work wagon around the hobby farm and for hay rides & parades when needed.