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Salvaged Timber Pine Slab Stairway

Custom handrail with steel rebar balusters.

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Our client had a open stairway in their home that had pine dimensional lumber stringers, stair treads with risers and wanted an upgrade. We had a couple of white pine logs that we salvaged from a real estate development clearing milled into 3 inch slabs. The project required 2 – 14 foot stringers and 13 – 3 inch thick live edge stair treads. We were able to utilize our Festool Domino Joiner and mill 6 mortises in each tread and 39 in each stringer. We used 78 – 150mm Festool fluted hardwood tenons bonded with Titebond 3 Ultimate wood glue and clamped the project together. With no metal fasteners used in this open stair case we were able to bring out the natural beauty of the pine timbers for our clients to enjoy.  

"My wife and I were looking for an upgraded open pine slab stairway for our home. John had some white pine timbers that he had milled into 3" slabs that worked perfectly. Beautiful, rustic, not a nail or fastener in sight, just perfect! They have this wonderful soft, solid, safe feel to them as we walk down the stairway every morning. We love them!" ~Dan & Wife Menomonie WI