Menomonie Specialty Lumber

Custom Furniture From Urban Salvaged Timber

  • Custom furniture & counter top designs
  • Specialty woodworking lumber supply
  • Custom Architectural Steel Fabrication and Welding

Our salvaged & recycled timber is derived from trees that have grown in an urban settings such as a cites, towns and private lots. A large number of tree removals in cities and towns across the country becomes necessary for a host of reasons: Storm blow downs, natural mortality, severe insect and disease damage, construction activities, and many other circumstances can change an urban tree from an asset into a liability. Tree removal is a growing dilemma for most municipalities across the U.S. The number of urban trees needing to be disposed of is staggering, and is a very costly process for city managers and solid waste disposal operations.

Hundreds of species of trees grow in various municipalities across the US. These trees often grow to great size and can produce lumber of very high quality and wonderful character. Traditional sawmills will often refuse to process urban timber due to the risk of damaging their mills on nails, screws, bolts & other metals that are common in urban timber. This is why little effort has been made to utilize urban woods. More often than not these beautiful urban trees end up in landfills or as firewood.

We work with private homeowners and tree arborists in the greater Western Wisconsin & Eastern Minnesota area to remove, recover & reclaim lumber from this timber. We primary focus on salvaging Black Walnut logs and will consider other species such as Red Elm, Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Hackberry, Siberian and Chinese Elm, Black Ash & Sugar Maple.

Custom live edge slab table with Black Walnut and Ambrosia Maple
Black Walnut Slab table with side benches